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We Honor

Cuba Township Republicans:

We honor the United States Constitution and believe that neither the executive, legislative or judicial branches of government should diminish the rights enumerated therein. The cornerstone of our constitutional republic and of the Republican Party is stated in the Declaration of Independence: 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Supporting the American Dream

We support the American Dream,

"the ideal that every citizen of the United States should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.”

(Oxford Dictionary)

Improving our Governement

Two easy ways to improve our governemnt are:

1. Be an active voter, voting at every election and understand what you are voting for, do your homework.

2. Get involved with your local, state and/or federal governement as a volunteer or elected official.

Enhance National Security
And Publilc Safety

Preserve the safety of the American homeland and protect the integrity of the nation’s domestic institutions and systems vital to that purpose. This goal requires strong Active, Guard, and Reserve forces as well as effective intelligence, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, and immigration policies to protect the homeland and secure America’s borders.

Advocating A "Front Door"
Policy on Immigration

Front door immigration. Immigration that is done legally (the 1990 law dealt with front door immigration) Back Door Immigration. Immigration that is done illegally (the 1986 -IRCA- law dealt with back door immigration)The public policy behind this law reflects the concern that the problem of illegal immigration and employment requires greater control and stronger enforcement mechanisms by the federal government.

Embracing Strong Family 
And Life

Strong belief in loving, nurturing and supportive home environments. 

Providing a High-Quality Education

A quality education involves full parential involvement and support of  three key pillars: ensuring access to quality teachers; providing use of quality learning tools and professional development; and the establishment of safe and supportive quality learning environments.

We are committed to YOU:

Cuba Township Republican  Precinct Committeepeople:

Following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Everett Dirksen and Henry Hyde, these are the beliefs that unite us: 

• Advancing our founding father’s principles of freedom, opportunity, and limited government; 

• Caring for the dignity and value of every individual; 

• Providing strong leaders who serve both State and Country with honor and distinction. 

Your Cuba Township Republican Precinct Committeepeople:

Cuba 66: Martin R. O'Connor
Cuba 67: Rick H. Doering
Cuba 69: Ronald W. Cobb
Cuba 70: Diane S. Geiser
Cuba 71:  Suzanne E. Murdy
Cuba 72:  Michael A. Danorth
Cuba 73: Keisha Nicloe St. John
Cuba 74: Eleanor Sweet McDonnell
Cuba 76: Keith Alan Hanson
Cuba 77:Josepha Peter Salvi
Cuba 78: Leonard G. Munson


Peace & Tranquility

Advancing our founding father’s principles of freedom, opportunity, and limited
• Caring for the dignity and value of every individual;
• Providing strong leaders who serve both State and Country with honor and
These principles form the foundation of both an agenda for America and the platform for our party. They point us toward reform of government, upholding timeless values, and a renewal of our national purpose.
We commit ourselves to the values that strengthen our culture and sustain our nation: faith, family, personal responsibility, and the dignity of every human life. We believe in a welcoming society in which all who yearn for individual freedom have a place. We are the party of freedom and advancement for all.
Our party welcomes individuals who share our common beliefs while having deeply held, yet differing views. We commit to resolve our differences with civility, trust, and mutual respect.
We treat each other with respect, dignity, honesty and kindess at all times.


Your Invited

Join us at one of our monthly Cuba Townshipt Republican meetings, Candidate Forums, 

Republican Women Luncheons,  And State Republican Candidate Events.

State Republican Candidate Events

One of primary goals to you the voter, is to help you be the most informed voter in the upcoming elections. Attend our candidate events.

Gain further knowledge regarding the state wide candidates you will be voting for in the next election.
Find out how the candidates, once elected will improve you, your family and neighbors lives gong forward. 
Undertand how the Republican candidates surpass the Democrats. 
Meet and get to know in person the candidates you will vote for.
You are an ambassador for us to share the voting knowledge you can from attending one of our candidates events.

Ladies Candidate Lunches 

For those on our email list, we send out announcements regarding  your upcoming ladies luncheons where you will be with like minded women from Cuba Township area, Lake County area and the State of Illinois.

Enjoy good company and food.
Learn more about Cuba Township current events and topics.
Learn more about the greater Barrington area topics and issues.
Find out what is going on in Lake County for important issues.
Gain a perspective on current State of Illinois issues and topics. 

Our Candidate Forums:

Join us for one of our well know Cuba Canddiate Forums. This events are held during the day and/or at night. Notifications are send via email and Facebook.

Find out where the candidates stand on improving the lives of you and your family. 
Attend and meet the candidates personally and get your questions answered in person, when time allows.
Attend and obtain contact information from the candidates..
Gain current, and informative candidate information to share with you family and neighbors.
Become a better informed voter in upcomoing elections.

Learn about how you can help us...

Join our meetings, help us put signs out at the voting booths, encourgae like minded neighbors and friends to vote.

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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is available on the Board’s official website. ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

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